About us

Since 2010, catching wild sturgeon and trading and/or possessing wild caviar has been prohibited. The trade and/or possession of wild caviar is a financial crime that carries severe penalties . Therefore all caviar is farmed and we no longer have to distinguish between wild or farmed. Caviar is simply caviar again.

The critical conditions of our purchasing policy

Many years of experience and the expertise of caviar masters have ensured a distinction can no longer be made between wild and farmed caviar.

House of Caviar & Fine Food only works with renowned Caviar Farms that comply with a strict selection process. These farms must meet the strict requirements set by House of Caviar & Fine Food, such as using an open water system in which the sturgeons can swim freely in flowing waters from a river, lake or the open sea. This way the sturgeons swim in a habitat that is as natural as possible where they can feed on the natural nutrients from flowing waters and where they can experience all four seasons and fluctuations in the water temperature.

The caviar masters follow the natural cycle of the sturgeon and harvest caviar twice a year, in spring and autumn. House of Caviar & Fine Food brings in its own experts from the selected caviar farms for a period of 1 to 2 weeks to select the best sturgeons, harvest the eggs and process them further into caviar.

Getting the best caviar

1. Farming

Our own farm

2. Selection

Selecting the sturgeon

3. Harvesting

Harvesting the sturgeon

4. Washing

Washing the caviar

5. Salting

Salting the caviar

6. Tinning

Tinning the caviar

7. Transferring

Transferring the caviar