Classic Beluga

Classic Beluga

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This caviar can only be described with superlatives. It is the most exclusive caviar available worldwide, with the most complex and distinct caviar flavour. The Beluga is the largest sturgeon of all species, can live to be the oldest and produces the largest eggs. This caviar comes from a farm where the natural life is imitated as much as possible, in fact everything is as it should be naturally. This farm is the only farm worldwide where 100% Beluga sturgeon are bred, unique in the world! This caviar gives the ultimate caviar experience and is almost indistinguishable from the former wild caviar. The taste is salty, creamy, nutty and gives a fantastic mouthfeel.
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Beluga caviar
Beluga caviar has a delicious flavour and it can be called the best caviar in the whole world. Its own unique flavour causes a true taste experience, exactly as can be expected, of the best caviar in the world. It possesses all the aspects, that caviar needs and that while it is farmed caviar. Since there has been a ban on wild caviar since 2010, only farmed caviar exists today, which need not be inferior in taste at all.
Exclusive farm
This sturgeon can reach the highest ages and also forms the largest size of eggs, in addition, this sturgeon itself can become the most colossal. The situation has been recreated as naturally as possible so that the sturgeon can live a wonderful life. These conditions are directly reflected in the fantastic taste experience. Beluga caviar is therefore the favourite of many gourmets and is among the absolute best in the world.
An experience of taste
If you are looking for a real caviar experience, you have surely found the right caviar with the Beluga caviar. If you miss the wild caviar of the past, you can find this flavour in the Beluga. A flavour explosion takes place in your mouth when you consume the Beluga caviar. With flavour notes like the salty of salty, a little cream and a hint of nuts, Beluga caviar will make you never want to try another kind of caviar again. Beluga caviar is best served, as an enhancement to an appetiser or to simply enjoy in between meals.



Dark grey, Light grey

Grain size

3,2 – 4,0 mm


Full nostalgic wild caviar pallet

Available types

50 grams, 125 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 gramm